Emiliani Volanti

“Hey guys, any plan for Sunday? We’re planning a stroll with few supercars and friends from Emiliani Volanti. Want you to join us for the day? Could be great to you taking some pictures”. That was a call received a few days ago from Federico, Ferrari engineer and proud owner of an F12 and one Mercedes-Benz AMG GT. As all the cars enthusiasts, after the long lockdown period due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we were looking forward to the chance to get back out on the road, and Federico’s proposal was greeted with a definite YES from us. 
Despite the uncertain weather, at 9 am a large group of enthusiasts showed up on time with their cars at the rendezvous scheduled in Modena. The morning tour includes a transfer to Casei Gerola to meet up other cars enthusiasts comings from different cities, then head off all together towards Bobbio and Penice Pass. The organization of this Sunday drive was made possible thanks real petrolheads named Emiliani Volanti, a community made up of people who share a single visceral passion made by metallic sounds and exhaust pipes smell: the love for engines. 
An entire day dedicated to the driving pleasure and company, strolling around suggestive roads and stopping to chat about cars over lunch.
Based in Motorvalley, EV organizes events that pass through the beautiful landscapes that Italy offers, driving sports cars from the past and modern. By the invitation of trusted friends, today they “collected” forty aficionados who, from different Italian cities and regions, joined the rally with the sole purpose of having fun and sharing the passion for cars: no time trial or ostentation of muscles. A friendly trip with cars from a different range, with the aim to feel the thrill of driving and stop for a tasty lunch sharing tales and experiences at the wheel. 
We were prepared that several cars were going to participate, but we didn’t expect to see such varied cars as 246 Dino, Lexus LC 3.5 Hybrid, Ferrari FF and BMW M3 all together unleashing their horsepower behind our camera! The early wake-up call and the trip from Milan to the appointment would have been worth just to see such great cars parked together, but we’re even luckier cause there’s a log day ahead and more than 200km to cover with them. Excited to be part of the crowd we get into a “staff car” kindly provided to follow the tour and start taking pictures of the colourful caravan of cars. 
About 100km are to be covered on beautiful paths before lunch: we left Casei Gerola with rain, but at the top of Penice Pass the weather has given us a gift with an hour of sun. Heading to the restaurant, we can’t find any traffic on the road, and the sound of engines spreads from all directions thrilling us. The road that winds through curves and straight along the river Trebbia leads us to Liguria, where we stop for a meal after 3 hours of drive. 
Chatting with Marcello – the guy behind the organization of this rally and one of the founders of Emiliani Volanti – his passion for cars can be felt at first sight. According to him, cars must be driven, and that’s why their events are not meeting of parked cars but take place in routes that involve kilometres of driving. They’re a growing community of cars enthusiast that extend their passion to all drivers who want to spend a day of engines: it doesn’t matter if you have the latest Porsche or Ferrari released, and you don’t need to have 600hp behind your shoulder, here what matters is passion.
A day we all dedicated to the driving pleasure and company, strolling around suggestive roads and stopping to chat about cars over lunch. Well done guys, that’s what we love!


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