30 YEARS BLU FACTORY This week end has been celebrated the 30th Anniversary from the inauguration of the Blu Factory in Campogalliano with an event held in the disuse structure hosting some of the creatures built in there between 1990 -1995 and the founder of Bugatti Automobili S.p.A, Romano Artioli. DINO V6 A car that marked a period of significative changes and innovation at Ferrari, both for the introduction of a new engine configuration and for the FIAT arrival as 50percent shareholder of Ferrari brand. RALLY LEGEND - LANCIA STRATOS Three WRC Championship, four Montecarlo Rally victories, six Tour de Corse and five Sanremo Rally; these are just some of the triumphs achieved by the unforgettable "ufo" that marked one of the most beautiful periods in the history of rallies. PORSCHE RENN SPORT The story of the street-legal race-cars marked by the RS badge. From the first 2.7 Ducktail to the 700hp GT2 RS, reduce weight and increase
power has been the philosophy behind the ready-to-race Porsche dynasty.
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